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Lifetime Warranty and repairs of other brands

We at Sunspot take pride in our designs, fabrication and welding. Our top of the line Miller 250 TIG welder is part of the solution to quality welds.

Our Warranty covers all Stealth scoops built in the last 30 years:

Send us your scoop (without the handle) at your cost and we will go over it with a fine tooth comb, weld any cracks and incorporate Engineering changes and upgrades to make your STEALTH even stronger.

 Please include your name, address and phone number with your scoop so we can be sure to ship it back to you promptly.

If your Classic Stealth looks like the above picture, send it back at your cost without the handle for an upgrade. We will weld a gusset at this location to make your scoop much stronger. We will pay for return shipping within the continental USA.

Cost?  No charge for all Sunspot scoops.  We pay for return shipping!

We repair all brands of scoops as a favor? Send it to us with $25 in cash included with your scoop and we will do basic minor repairs such as cracked welds, add gussets if needed and some straightening. We have had some scoops come in that are so bad that it takes 1-3 hours to fix which honestly the $25 simply does not cover half our costs. We will pay for the shipping back to you (providing you are within the continental USA). If we cannot repair it, we will send your scoop and money back to you.

Send to:

Owl Engineering
11542 Timken Ave
Warren, Michigan 48089
Tel: 1 586 755 5821

2 day is the typical time required to do repairs.

Sunspot Equipment Sales
14480 Hoover Street
Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: 714-901-2782
Fax: 714-901-2902

    To Order Call:

Call: 714-901-2782

Email: sales@sunspoteq.com

Made in the USA