the “STEALTH” Classic Scoop

Assembly Instructions


Step 1

Placement of rear support plate.

Step 2

Bolt the handle in place with one upper U-bolt. Use a flat washer under each nut. Lightly tighten.

Step 3

Install the lower U-bolt with the foot pad in place. Snug up the nuts.

Step 4

Insert the carriage bolts in the foot pad.

Step 5

Snap the plastic U clamp to the handle and in-stall the 2 nuts.
Do not over tighten! Tighten enough to take up any play. Leave a large gap between the clamp and the foot pad.

Step 6

You will have a large gap at the end of the handle as seen in this image.

Step 7

Tighten the nuts on the two U-bolts. Retighten after using a couple times.


This type of 7/16” ratchet wrench makes assembly fast and easy.

Best of Luck! Regards, Chuck