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The STEALTH “Lifetime Warranty”
(Updated October 24, 2016)

We at Sunspot provide an unprecedented Lifetime warranty against product defects or failure. This includes ALL scoops manufactured by Sunspot over the last 28 years!

Frankly, there is a wide range of customers using the STEALTH: Weekend warriors in the Northern states that hunt 3 or 4 times a month during the summer and at the other end of the spectrum there are many hunters in the warmer states like in Florida who are retired and hunt 6 days a week ALL YEAR LONG. It is tricky to produce a product designed for these two extremes but that is our job. If there is a problem, we at Sunspot don’t blame our customers for any breakage because this is what we design the scoop to do, dig, dig and dig some more.

If you have any problem:

1) Contact us first via phone or email

2) We will most likely ask you to send the scoop to us. You pay for shipping to us and we pay for the return shipping.

3) The solution is at our discretion, repair or replace.

4) If you are a 6 day a week warrior and damage your scoop or handle beyond repair, we will replace it free at our discretion but this offer is for one scoop/handle only.

We appreciate our customers and do our best to make them happy.

Exceptions: International customers (outside of the continental USA) may require a cost due to the high cost of shipping.

Best of luck


Sunspot Tooling Systems

11542 Timken Avenue
Warren, Michigan 48089

To order a STEALTH:
Email: info@sunspotedm.com
Call: 1-586-755-5820

Made in the USA