Genuine “STEALTH” Classic
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  • The “STEALTH 8” is 5 ” high x 8” wide and 12” long (the foot pad on the rear effectively makes the scoop longer)
  • Built-in ocean cover for rough waves
  • All 1/2” holes or the SugarSand model with ” holes
  • Rugged, 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pointed front for easier digging and "picking" between rocks
  • The handle floats which is a huge benefit
  • Our handle has our exclusive Textured Surface for a better grip
  • With the STEALTH you have the option of the Travel Handle
  • Open top allows you to see and retrieve your finds quickly
  • A perfect balance of strength and weight (3 3/4 pounds without the handle)
  • The Stainless FootPad helps you dig deep
  • The handle can be removed for traveling (see our Travel Handle)
  • Lifetime warranty (click here for details)
  • Built and refined since 1986

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Digging for Gold in swimming areas has never been so efficient!

How to use your scoop:

1st: Put your foot on the main area of the foot pad (normally less than 45 degree area) and push the point of the scoop down and forward. Depending on the signal, some hunters just skim a few inches at a time. With a faint signal you can dig deep the first time.

2nd: Put your toe at the top of the foot pad and with your heel in the sand pull back on the handle. The front of the scoop will swing forward and up, just like a steam shovel!!! It really works well. Check your hole and if the target is still there, nice and deep, dig again! These are the good targets!

Our scoops disassemble for traveling. Just check your handle when flying or now with our “Travel Handle” you can put everything in your suit case.

We have manufactured and refined metal detecting scoops for over 26 years and now with the latest refinements, our confidence of its ruggedness is so great that we are standing behind it with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you have a failure for any reason with your STEALTH,  just send and we will repair or replace it (our choice) at no charge.  We will pay the return shipping cost.   We NEVER blame the user for being too rough on a STEALTH.

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